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The background of this page is a detail from the genuine Elizabethan era, earliest printed Map of London (with placenames), dated 1580....See Catalogue Item 1 (click here) 
Old maps and historical artifacts in the history shop, or historie shoppe, catalogue
The basis of this map (Catalogue Item 1) is the Elizabethan 'Braun and Hogenberg' map of London.
The circa 1580 map is reproduced in its entirety, blemishes removed, with added inscriptions.
The inscriptions consist of modern London street and place names, added for reference.
See landmarks, neighbourhoods and workplaces of sixteenth century London.
This edition is available exclusively from Powys & Clayton.
Completely legible and blemish-free.
A beautiful and interesting item!   Buy Now
lVideo of St. Paul's Churchyard, London, as it would have looked, morning of Nov 5th 1622.
For the best effect, choose YouTube full-screen viewing (ESC to exit full screen).
 l Elizabethan London described fully, though succintly, in 1899
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